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Hello, Angel Negosyo Partners! We’re here for your culinary milk needs for your negosyo! The minimum order requirement for bulk order is 1 case or 24 cans. You may include assorted Angel products to form 1 case. For orders less than 24 cans, you may buy from Lazada or Shopee

We are currently servicing select cities for now. If your location is not in the list, your area is not yet serviceable by our distributors. In the meantime, you may order from Lazada or Shopee or in supermarkets near you.

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  • What is Angel?

    Angel Milk was launched in 2003 under Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation. Since then, the brand has launched several 2-in-1 innovations like Angel Kremdensada and Angel KremQueso, aside from kitchen staples like Angel Evaporada and Angel Condensada.

    Angel is a trusted partner of moms for cooking, marinating, creaming and baking. From sweet to savory dishes, you can surprise your family and friends with rich milky recipes at an affordable price with Angel!

  • What are the different variants/products under Angel?

    Angel Evaporated Filled Milk
    Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer
    Angel Condensada
    Angel Kremdensada
    Angel Kremqueso
    Angel All Purpose Creamer

  • Where can I buy Angel products?

    Available in major retailers nationwide (supermarkets, groceries, market stalls, and sari-sari stores)

  • What's the difference between Angel Evaporated Filled Milk and Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer? When can we use them in cooking?

    Angel Filled Milk is the rich, milky and creamy evaporated milk, fortified with Vitamins and Minerals. It is can be used for cooking or preparing sweet to savory dishes or beverage.

    Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer is made with real milk and the one for your everyday use. It is best used for halo-halo, milkshakes, and in beverages like coffee, tea and chocolate drink. It can also be used for your cooking and baking needs.

  • Where can we see the expiration date?

    The expiration date may be found at the top of the can. (dd/mmm/yyyy)

  • What are the ingredients in Angel products?

    The ingredients may be found in the labels of our cans.

  • What makes Angel products better than other brands?

    Angel milk offers high-quality products that offer value for money.

  • Where do I spend sponsorship requests?

    You may send your proposals here: @IloveAngelMilk

  • Do you have a current endorser?


  • Can I buy in bulk? How?

    For inquiries regarding bulk orders, please click here.

  • Should I put Angel products in the fridge after I use them?

    Yes. Once opened, transfer contents to a non-metallic container, refrigerate and consume within 3 days.

  • How long can I keep an open Angel can before it goes bad?

    The product has to be consumed within 3 days, given that the product is in the refrigerator.

  • Can I have a sample?

    The products may be purchased in any major retailers near you.

  • Are Angel products okay for people with diabetes?

    Please consult your doctor.

  • What is your Angel Coffee creamer made of if it’s non-dairy?

    Please check the label for the list of ingredients.

  • I want to get you as a supplier for my restaurant/ business. How?

    Please share the following details: Name, Contact Details, Address/Area where you reside, Products that you’re interested in, Nature of business (if applicable)

  • I want to be part of your team. Where can I send my resume?

    You may send your CV to hrcorpcomm@centurypacific.com.ph or fill up the application form below: https://www.centurypacific.com.ph/wwus.php?d=cD04JnBjPTAmYmQ9MTk5